Hello, I’m Bonnie.

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Personal Trainer

Hi there.  I’m happy that you are here.

I’ve created Media Elevate to help health and wellness consultants build their brands and grow their social media presence. 

I help holistic health businesses get clear about their social media goals and decide what and how to measure.  

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, generate new leads, make more salesgrow your email list, or create content to increase your social authority—I can help.

As your social media manager, I craft an effective social media strategy and plan your social media campaigns

I help you set specific social media goals that are measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

In my former years, I worked at Fitness World as a group fitness instructor, fitness consultant, and personal trainer

I was active in fitness and developed a strong interest in healthy living.  I taught group fitness, sold fitness memberships, and coached clients individually become fitter and healthier.

As a personal trainer, I designed custom fitness programs for clients and facilitated positive change. I coached clients boost their confidence and achieve their personal health and fitness goals.  

The past few years, I took time off to recover from chronic nerve pain.  Coping with physical pain encouraged me to search for natural alternatives

 It was during this time that I discovered holistic health.  At first, I was a naturopathic patient at North Shore Naturopathic Clinic (seeing Dr. Jonn Matsen) in the 1990s.

A few years after my father’s passing in 2001, I switched to West Coast Integrative Health and became Dr. Brian Davies’ patient.

In 2011 I discovered chiropractic as an alternative avenue to healing and have been a patient ever since.  

freelance social media manager

Recently, I started neurofeedback therapy treatments at Swingle Clinic both to alleviate chronic pain and as an alternative form of psychotherapy  to stabilize my emotional well-being and increase healthy brain function.

Daily chiropractic care along with a growing interest in holistic health and healing sparked my curiosity.

I thought what if I could help wellness brands spread the word about health and well-being online.

I decided to become a freelance social media manager and promote holistic health businesses on social media.

When I become your personal social media manager, you’ll free up the time to focus on helping clients and not fighting hard to market your brand on social media

Social media marketing is more than just creating your accounts on various social media channels and posting randomly.

Building your brand and growing your social media presence takes time and energy.  

With my help, you can breathe easy.

Social media isn’t only a powerful business tool.  It’s a necessary marketing strategy in the online world.

Let’s work together to increase your brand‘s worth.  Don’t waste any more of your valuable time promoting your business.  

Contact me and I’ll handle your social media better than ever.



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