Facebook pageWhy do you as a coach business owner need to develop a Facebook marketing strategy?

Facebook is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways for you to engage with the coaching clients that you want online.  Facebook is a platform you are already familiar with and using daily in your personal life.  You can execute Facebook in a very affordable way and help your life coaching business grow.

So where should Facebook marketing fit into your overall small business marketing strategy?

Think of it in 3 tiers:

  • You need to have a basic presence.  And by that I mean your website.
  • You also need to have ongoing campaigns and pushes like email marketing that allow you to surge during cyclical or seasonal patterns that are important to your business.
  • And then ultimately you need to establish your daily ongoing presence where you are gathering an audience and you are building a loyal client following that is with you every single day.

This is where Facebook is so powerful.  These are all the reasons that you should be investing in Facebook marketing.

Incorporate Facebook Marketing to Promote Business Growth

Increase Visitors To Your Business Page

Having a Business Page allows your clients know, like and trust you.  Your goal should be to build and cultivate an audience that is engaged, loyal and regularly share your content that can improve your business bottom line.  

Use QR Codes

Why not put QR code up at the place of your business.  This will lead people to your Business Page and encourage them to like you.  You can create your QR code for free, using an online generator.

Tweet to Your Followers

You can tweet about something which is happening on your Business Page to entice your followers on Twitter to go to your Business Page.  Remember it does not have to be something like a competition.  It could well be a conversation that is happening.

Promote Products

Do you have coaching products that are sold online?  Why not promote your Business Page on these products!  It could be as simple as QR code for clients to scan or even a business card that include your business details.

Have an Office

If you have a physical location for your coaching business, put up a sign to tell people that they can find you in Facebook.  If you have staff working for you, remind them to tell your clients they can also find you on Facebook.

Send a Newsletter

Do you send an email newsletter on a regular basis?  If so, announce that you have a Business Page in the newsletter.  Be sure to give people a reason to visit your Business Page and click like.  Make sure you have a link to your Business Page in every newsletter you send.  Simply add it to the footer with links to your other social media accounts.

Use a Like Box

Add a Like Box to your coaching website.  Grab the code from Facebook and ask your web developer to add it to your site.

Write a Blog Article

Writing an article about your Business Page is a great way to gain attention.  It is most effective if you are offering something of value on Facebook.  And if not, give them a good reason to like your Business Page.

Your Email Signature

Adding a simple link to your Business Page in your email signature allows you to inform nearly every person you contact.  Also consider putting a link to your Business Page on your business cards.

Facebook Logo

 Draw plenty of inspiration from these brands to promote growth on your Business Page.  

Lynda Field Life Coach

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

 Kathy Hadley Life Coach

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Life Makeover

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

International Coach Federation

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Erickson Coaching International

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

International Coaching Community

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Posting on Your Business Page

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Source:  fbadvance

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” — Benjamin Franklin[/pullquote]


Post facts related to your coaching industry or ones that will interest your coaching fans.  You get a lot of people interacting on your page when you open their eyes to these facts or statistics.

Live Q&A

Ever thought about having a Live Q&A for about an hour about a specific topic to spark people’s questions!

Fan of the Week

 Pick a fan of the week or fan of the month and feature them on your page.  You can include a prize for your fan.  

Live Stream

Broadcast a live seminar or interview right on your Business Page.  Using a fantastic app called live stream  which allows you to facilitate live streaming on your Business Page.

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Ask a Question

If you want people to comment and reply to your posts, then ask questions.  It is a guaranteed way to get your fans commenting. 

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Fans Asking Questions

You could always ask your fans to post their questions on your Business Page, ready for you to answer for them. This is a great way to find out your fan’s thoughts as most people tend to find asking questions more comfortable of a Facebook compared to a phone call or email.  Hopefully you’ll answer some important questions which may have otherwise gone unanswered.  

Post some Photos

If you spend any amount of time on Facebook, you will see photos that get posted.  Find photos related to your business or any photo that makes a great statement.  Chances are your photo will be shared and more people will discover your Business Page.  In addition, people love to comment, share and like photos.

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Include Videos

Inspiring videos are always great choices for your coaching fans.

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz
Have a Blog

Having a business blog for your coaching business is always a  great idea.  And you shouldn’t forget your blog posts on your Business Page.  In addition to posting a link to your blog posts, ask people a question related to the blog post to get them commenting.  Also why not visiting other blogs.  Find other people’s blog posts and share links to them on your Business Page. 

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Tag People

If you like another Business Page, why not tag them.  To mention others, just type @ on the Business Page name.  You might end up getting a few fans because of it. 

Hints on Posting to Your Business Page

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” — Seth Godin[/pullquote]

Let’s Get Personal

People love to chat on Facebook and you will be surprised by how many responses you get by making small talk i.e. asking people how they are.

Have Some Fun

Use photos and videos as a new way to inject some fun into your Business Page.  

Repeat What Works

Over time you notice patterns, especially if you use the Facebook Insights Feature.  Certain types of content will get a better response compared to others.  So make sure you keep that in mind when you are brainstorming on upcoming posts. Remember a good response shows that you are successfully engaging with your Facebook audience. 

Stay Relevant

Post content that offers value and engages your Facebook audience.

Be True and Authentic

Let the personality of your brand to shine through.  People respond positively to the personality of your business.

64 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Coaching Biz

Photo credit: Maria Peagler via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND


  1. Feature a fan of the month
  2. Ask questions of your fans
  3. Do market research
  4. Ask for fan content
  5. Ask fans to share your content
  6. Ask fans to share on same day
  7. Ask for their biggest challenge


  1. Debut a product launch
  2. Throw an online party
  3. Stream a press conference
  4. Stream a panel webinar
  5. Guest post on other pages
  6. Host a scavenger hunt
  7. Coordinate a joint challenge
  8. Add a media room


  1. Award a prize to fans who share
  2. Integrate contests on all social platforms
  3. Host a joint contest
  4. Crowd source new product ideas.
  5. Crowd source content and videos.
  6. Host a reality type TV type competition.
  7. Issue a fan challenge.
  8. Hold a favorite things contest.


  1. Ask a question
  2. Include a person’s photo
  3. Add a call-to-action
  4. Target your ad to interests and likes
  5. Local? Target geographically
  6. Ad clicks link to custom landing tab
  7. Advertise an event
  8. Include a video in the ad


  1. Reward fans who tag your business
  2. Link to an article, video or resource
  3. Give away a checklist
  4. Offer a fan contest for sharing
  5. Sponsor contest for charity
  6. Add a Like Box to your website
  7. Host a video contest
  8. Ask face to face contacts to share

QR Codes

  1. Display on trade show signage
  2. Link to page with product line
  3. Show product options
  4. Link to your website URL
  5. Map to store location
  6. Link to welcome video
  7. Display custom landing tab
  8. Take buyers to a virtual tour
  9. Use on product packaging


  1. Guest post on client’s page
  2. Review colleague’s product
  3. Host a panel chat
  4. Joint contest and giveaways
  5. Host a Facebook shop hop
  6. Use featured likes
  7. QR Code link to joint info
  8. Host a blog tour and integrate it


  1. Offer coupons for fans only
  2. Display QR Code on profile photo
  3. Ask how you’re doing
  4. Host a photo contest
  5. Use profile strip to display specials
  6. Share, share, share
  7. Add special events to your page

Let’s Wrap Up

Why should you be using Facebook in your marketing strategy?

Let’s look at some stats to confirm your reason for marketing your business on Facebook.

  • “73% of consumers believe Facebook is the most important social media platform for local businesses.”
  • “61% of small businesses use Facebook for marketing.”
  • “50 million: Total Facebook pages.”
  • “40 million: Total of pages of which are small businesses.”
  • “75% of brands promote their posts.
  • “70% of monthly active users in the U.S. and Canada are connected to a local business on Facebook.”
  • “25%: Growth since February in the number of active advertisers on its platform. There are now 2.5 million advertisers using Facebook.”
  • “70% of Facebook traffic comes through mobile devices.”
  • “87%: Increase in people visiting the landing page among those who were exposed to sequenced ads compared with those who were exposed to the non-sequenced ads on Facebook.” 
  • “1.49 billion: Facebook’s monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2015.” 
  • “8.71% vs 5.77%: Between October 2014 and February 2015, videos received organic reach of 8.71%, compared to a reach of 5.77% for text-only status on Facebook.” 

Source: business.com

Need help with properly setting up your Business Page or managing it on a daily basis!

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