Accelerated Social Media Assistance for Life Coaches, Health and Fitness Entrepreneurs

freelance social media managerMy name is Bonnie David, and I’m very happy that you’re here.  I’m a newly inspired freelance social media manager. 

I’ve created Media Elevate to promote life coaches, holistic healers and fitness experts.  I have designed custom fitness programs and active lessons on confidence.  

As a top-tier fitness trainer, I’ve helped clients meet their goals on time. 

I took time off to recover from chronic nerve pain.  It was during this time that I discovered holistic health. I’ve been a chiropractic patient for five years.  I’ve learned important lessons along the way.freelance social media manager


Daily chiropractic care, yoga and meditation encouraged me to promote holistic health-based businesses.

freelance social media manager

I’m driven by the enthusiasm of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy.  These brands have shown me the power of a highly visible web presence.  Inspired, I’ve developed skills in various social media platforms and approaches to branding. 


Your Freelance Social Media Manager

As your freelance social media manager:

  • I create customized marketing strategies.
  • You’ll have a meaningful relationship with your target clients. 
  • Your blogs, pages and posts will always be freshly curated content.

Who Benefits From My Services?

If you’re a member of the health and life coaching trade, you’ll enjoy my lively approach to branding.  Finding clients who match your approach to coaching is a process.  I’ll find them for you.

Chiropractors and holistic healers will love freed time to focus on clients.  You need to spend your time working and connecting, not fighting to market.  Your clients will welcome your complete attention.

Massage therapists too will also relish the time practicing their valued craft.  A stressed masseuse has an anxious spirit felt by those they touch.  My work keeps you relaxed and new clients headed your way.

If you’re a fitness trainer, I’ll gain access to your target clients and keep them engaged.  It’s key to know your strengths and expand on them.  I’ll build upon yours and have matched clients ready to sign up with your services.

As a Neuro-linguistic Programming expert, hypnotherapist or hypnotist, you need my services. Most of your likely clients won’t have heard of the value you will offer to their day-to-day health. While you work one-on-one to change habits and promote healthy goals, I’ll spread your message. Your clientele will grow while you work, and I share your positive efforts with the world.

Remember brands don’t grow by themselves.

When I become your personal social media manager, you’ll free up time to work on your projects.  Maintaining your online visibility takes skill.  My quality social media management will boost your brand and web presence. 

Social media isn’t only a powerful business tool.  It’s a necessary marketing strategy in the online world.

Let’s work together to increase your brand’s worth.  We’ll spread lessons of positivity, healthy living and hard work.  Don’t waste any more of your valuable time promoting your business. 

Contact me and I’ll handle your social media better than ever.

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