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Running a business is a tough job. Entrepreneurs work hard to boost the economy and keep their own businesses afloat. Now that social media and brand marketing are buzzwords, everything has changed.

Today, you must keep customers engaged in your services through daily social media updates.  You’ve got to create dynamic blogs. You’ve got to keep people interested in fresh web contentPhew. That’s a lot of work.

If you’re like most of us, the thought of adding even one more task to your plate sends you running with anxiety.

Are you looking to market to a greater audience?  Will social media marketing take away from your time with clients? If you’ve answered “yes,” you’ve got to consider my services.   

You might think that writing a few posts on your personal Facebook page will do enough.  Your posts might be encouraging a few of your friends who already take advantage of your services. 

But if you are looking to find your ideal clients, you can’t afford to grow discouraged and stressed. 

You love what you do, but don’t have the time or the patience to manage so many social networking sites

You need a social media manager.  

As your social media manager:

I will create, schedule, and analyze all your social media updates.

I will create paid marketing campaigns on social to help you reach more customers and interested people in improving their social media strategy.

I will embody your brand voice and tone in every tweet, update, and conversation.

I will be data-informed about what’s working on social and what’s not.

I will experiment with new growth strategies and ideas.

I will help you explore new social networks, apps, and tools.

I will share insights and strategies on my blog.

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